The Moment Before Going Back To Work

All throughout my 11 months of maternity leave, I only counted forward; I didn’t count down the days I had before going back to work. Instead of thinking I only had x number of months left, I focused…


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How Do You Relate to Your Business?

My relationship with my Business changed after reading this Affirmation

I practice a few rituals in the morning that help me integrate and live my BEM (Body, Mind, and Emotions) model. One such ritual is saying Affirmations. I have observed that by saying Affirmations loudly in front of the mirror, I get to see myself, hear my voice, watch my body language and feel my feelings. To me, it serves as perfect coordination of how I am physically showing up, emotionally feeling, and mentally present to what I am affirming.

I started saying affirmations several years back when I lost my job and embraced self-employment as a blessing in disguise. Saying these affirmations have tremendously helped me move through major life transformations from mother to empty nester to mother-in-law to grandmother smoothly. In the professional arena, saying affirmations have helped me be determined with grit and gratitude when expectations are not met.

In the following article, I shared how saying an affirmation from Louise Hay’s book “Meditations To Heal Your Life” describing the word “Money helped me

As you do, please be kind to yourself and become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and any bodily sensations that may come up.

I trust Divine intelligence to influence my business, and I go from success to success. My business is doing what I love. I trust Divine intelligence to run my business. Whether I own my business in a worldly sense or not, I am an instrument employed by this divine intelligence. There is only one intelligence and this intelligence has a splendid track record in the history of our solar system, guiding each of the planets for millions of years along pathways that are orderly and harmonious. I willingly accept this…

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