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The global threat intelligence security applications market is gaining traction because of the convergence of IT and OT systems and exponential rise and sophistication of cyberattacks. BlueWeave…


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3 Social Media Marketing SINS That Destroy Brands!

In my previous article, I talked about the 3 social media marketing strategies that would bring a ton of success to your small business.

In today’s post, we are going to discuss 3 very common mistakes you need to avoid that can destroy your whole brand in the blink of an eye.

Some brands (especially the new comers) fail at creating innovative content for their followers.

Once they feel stuck, they simply start paraphrasing the content from the giants or their own competitors and imagine why they don’t enjoy the same success as the ones they have stolen the content from.

Well, of course, your followers don’t just follow you on the social media platforms.

They have access to every last one of your competitors and if they found out you are just stealing ideas from other brands, they are going to unleash their rage on you. So what’s the solution? “User-Generated Content”.

When you leverage the power of UGC, you can have a never-ending supply of innovation and social proof.

You will be making your customers happier because they will be getting more exposure and limelight when your brand will post their content. Just don’t post against their consent.

Make sure to ask them.

Once they give you permission, start making some amendments and posting their content on your profile.

This can result in a ton of content ideas for your business and your customers will be more likely to share posts containing their own content.

Ah… I have seen numerous brands making this mistake. They would just post something and then go away.

They won’t invite their followers for a discussion and if they did, they wouldn’t follow back on it.

How would you feel if your favourite brand invited you to a sale and when you went there you found no one to sell you the stuff?

Of course you’ll feel terrible. That’s how the followers feel when they are being invited to have a discussion and then left alone only to engage with each other. Building a community is really important these days.

But you need to play the host. If you aren’t willing or too busy to play the host, your followers aren’t going to stick with your brand. That’ll be a competitive edge to other brands competing you.

So be careful.

When inviting your users for a discussion, make sure to engage with them. And do invite in the first place. It pays off.

You cannot imagine the lengths a brand could go to tarnish their own image. Following a new humorous trend, I have seen brands with a very professional and sober image trying to sound funny or sarcastic when their followers least expected them to be.

I mean of course, they aren’t going to say something like that but there have been brand that have tried just that in spite of their professional image.

This not only brings their followers down but also leaves a very negative image of the brand itself.

I don’t ever want to see Nike making memes because Nike has a standard in our society. It’s synonymous with subtle, suave, and athletic content.

So if you have struggled to create a professional image of your brand, don’t lose it trying to show your funny side to the people.

So guys, these were just some of the mistakes you would want to avoid if you want to grow your small business into a multi-million dollar empire some day. If you like this content, make sure to respond and let me know what topic you want me to write next and I would be happy to oblige.

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