Day 129 Sii come il sale

Dovremmo essere tutti più simili al sale. Esso è uno degli elementi piu importanti in cucina. Ha moltissime qualità. Ma deve essere usato nel giusto modo. La prima qualità é che nei piatti se ne…


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The Moment Before Going Back To Work

I knew my maternity leave was going to end.

All throughout my 11 months of maternity leave, I only counted forward; I didn’t count down the days I had before going back to work. Instead of thinking I only had x number of months left, I focused on now having an x month old.

I wasn’t nervous or scared or anxious about going back because I knew I had done my best to instill trust in her. Even though she couldn’t speak real words to me, our bond was sealed and I was confident she knew I was coming back.

I felt indifferent until the morning of my first day. I wrote my feelings live; the car was parked, phone in hand and head down because I wanted to capture this moment for her.

I want her to know that when moments like these come up (exams, presentations, tournaments, moves, graduations, job interviews, school starts, first dates, break-ups, health scares, etc.), they are only moments in time.

No matter whether they are positive, negative, or neutral, time will continue to move and that is a good thing. We can savor the good moments and bask in the reality of those experiences, letting time swell.

We can brace ourselves, take heavy breaths and patiently wait for the moments to pass.

We are resilient beings.

The ebbs in life are drastically different than the flows but they share in the fact that they are constantly moving.

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