How Do You Relate to Your Business?

I practice a few rituals in the morning that help me integrate and live my BEM (Body, Mind, and Emotions) model. One such ritual is saying Affirmations. I have observed that by saying Affirmations…


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Hail to the Medicine Man not the Chief

A shadow moves across the frontier
while I lag behind —
tangled in leaves
the vicissitudes of life.
Am I brave enough to be a pioneer?
Do I want the role?

It took me years to realise

I am the medicine man
not the chief. As a boy
I watched my brother
striding through the garden
falling down holes
getting entangled in brambles
climbing & slipping from trees.

I remain a watcher
leave the claim of doer-ship
to others. The witness is baffling
to the actor on life’s stage.
I was not trained by this world
but another — my winds are stilled
my identity secure.
I am not an object within time & space.

Copyright Simon Heathcote

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