Persuade Yourself to Set Boundaries

When I teach women to advocate for their ideas, their purpose, and their potential we begin with questions. (They’re one of my favorite tools of an advocate). One of my first questions is “What do…


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SAM Now Powers Everence Outsourced UMAs with Direct Index Cores

SAM Now Powers Everence Outsourced UMAs with Direct Index Cores The Wealth Advisor Contributor Sun, 05/01/2022–20:25 Image (SAM ) At its National Conference, Everence® announced it has partnered with Smartleaf Asset Management LLC (SAM) to provide Everence clients with easy access to an optimized direct indexing investment option that includes enhanced tax management and value-based investing choices. SAM will also provide Everence with across-the-board improvements in operational efficiency, enabling the Everence team to provide enhanced service to all clients. SAM will add Everence’s existing mutual fund and ETF product selection to SAM’s outsourced UMA solution, supporting a unified workflow for all investment choices, with direct indexes as easy to use as ETFs. “Everence has always stressed the value of customization and tax management, ” said Benjamin J. Bailey, CFA®, Vice President of Investments. “The SAM partnership allows us to build on this strong foundation by providing our clients with the exceptional customization and tax management benefits made possible by optimized direct indexes. We were impressed with SAM’s technology, which makes direct indexing easy for us to incorporate into our existing investment process.” Jerry Michael, Smartleaf Asset Management ’s President, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Everence in support of their mission to provide every account with world-class customization and tax management — and do so in a manner that frees consultants to focus on what they do best — acting as their clients’ trusted advisor.” SAM’s direct indexes seek to replicate the performance of market indexes with a representative basket of stocks. This direct stock ownership gives investors greater customization and tax management options than comparable mutual funds and ETFs. The SAM offering will allow for more customized values-screen options and provides advanced tax management, including tax loss harvesting, transition management and tax budgets. Direct indexing has a long history as an exclusive high net worth offering. Working with SAM , Everence is making direct indexing accessible to a broader spectrum of clients. Tags TAMPs Original content On

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